Founded in 2014 by Nadinita Chakraborty, 8Poure has solidified its position as India's premier online saree destination by continually redefining traditional saree fashion. With a focus on fusion creations, the company has successfully revitalized Bengal handloom, particularly the iconic jamdani saree, and transformed it into one of India's most sought-after sarees.

The brand has garnered significant recognition, being named "The Most Popular Ethnic Wear Brand" by the Times of India in 2022 and hailed as the "Pioneer of Online Saree Selling" in 2024. This acknowledgment highlights the brand's impact on the fashion industry and its ability to innovate within the traditional saree market.

In addition to its innovative saree designs, 8Poure has expanded its reach by introducing LUCKE13, a second brand that pioneers the concept of ready-made jamdani wear. This includes a wide range of attire, from kurtis to blazers, all designed to revolutionize traditional attire and cater to a diverse audience seeking modern yet culturally rooted fashion choices.

However, 8Poure's success is not solely based on its groundbreaking designs. The brand has also proven its commitment to superior customer service, ensuring the fastest delivery times and unwavering dedication to product quality. These attributes have contributed to 8Poure's reputation as a leader in the Indian fashion industry, further solidifying its position in the market.

Through its work, 8Poure has dedicated itself to uplifting Bengal handloom and bringing traditional sarees into the modern era. By doing so, the brand has made a significant impact on the perception of jamdani sarees, once considered niche, and has successfully elevated them to a mainstream audience.

In conclusion, 8Poure's innovative approach, unwavering commitment to quality, and dedication to uplifting traditional handloom have cemented its status as a formidable force in the fashion industry. The brand's continued success highlights its ability to adapt to evolving consumer preferences while staying true.

Ms. Nandinita Chakraborty CEO

About Our Chief executive officer

Meet Nandinita Chakraborty, a powerhouse armed with an MBA in HR and Marketing, who dared to follow her heart's calling and venture into the world of entrepreneurship. Leaving behind a cushy corporate job, she set sail on a thrilling journey to bring her dream brand, 8poure, to life. With her rock-solid determination and the unwavering support of her biggest cheerleader, her mother Mrs. Shila Chakraborty, Nandinita fearlessly plunged into every aspect of her blossoming business.

In the initial days, Nandinita faced raised eyebrows and doubting whispers as she delved into the unexplored realm of online saree selling. Undaunted by naysayers, she let her visionary spirit soar and kickstarted her venture by crafting a Facebook page for 8poure. Back when Facebook and WhatsApp weren't holding hands, Nandinita ingeniously bridged the gap by showcasing her sarees on these platforms. Picture-perfect images of herself draped in exquisite sarees, clicked by her mom, were artfully shared with her personal WhatsApp number. This out-of-the-box move turned the tide, allowing her to directly engage with potential customers and build a tribe of loyal followers.

Armed with relentless perseverance and a knack for thinking outside the box, Nandinita shook up the traditional retail landscape. Rather than sticking to the script of sourcing sarees from wholesalers, she chose to dance to a different tune by collaborating directly with skilled Bengal weavers. By infusing contemporary twists into traditional Jamdani sarees tailored for the modern woman, she injected fresh energy into the market. Her partnership with over 300 weavers in Bengal earned her the crown of "Jamdani Fusion Queen."

In a mere 1.5 years, 8poure whipped up a storm with a whopping turnover of 10,000,000 INR, a testament to Nandinita's strategic genius and unwavering commitment. Her disruptive approach caused ripples in the saree realm, propelling www.8poure.in to the zenith as India's go-to hotspot for exquisite saree collections. Without a brick-and-mortar presence or the glitz of traditional exhibitions, Nandinita's digital aura thrust her into the limelight, satisfying a myriad of clients on a decade-long odyssey.

Fueled by her passion for originality and a thirst for innovation, Nandinita spread her wings further by birthing her brainchild, Lucke13. This new chapter brought forth a medley of Jamdani marvels beyond sarees, including kurtis, gowns, punjabis, blazers, and more, cementing her mark in the fashion sphere.

Nandinita's saga stands tall as a guiding light for budding entrepreneurs, a tale of rewriting rules and conquering obstacles. Her quest for creativity and innovation isn't just a personal anthem—it's a symphony that resonates with women worldwide, turning 8poure and Lucke13 into citadels of entrepreneurial zeal and female empowerment.

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